About Us

Hello! Take a look around, and step into the steampunk universe of Aeronautica.

The project was born out of a desire for creativity and collaboration, as well as the chance for the two of us to try our hand at building a graphic novel; the perfect medium for combining dynamic artwork and in-depth story-telling. We’re both lovers of fantasy, whether that’s sci-fi and steampunk, to or gothic and urban influences. Aeronautica combines aspects of them all, with stunning airborne scenery and vehicles grounded in gritty urban sprawls and hints of magic.

The graphic novel scene has been dominated by Marvel and DC for decades, but now, as the medium begins to break into the mainstream market, more alternative fantasy titles than ever before are hitting our shelves. We’ve immersed ourselves in a range of new releases, from the weird to the wonderful… from the deep seas to lofty citadels… but all of them seemed to lack a little consistency, or character depth, or artistic style. It’s what inspired us to be different.

We firmly believe we’re onto something special here. It’s an ambitious project, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We want to create a graphic novel that defines a genre, re-writes the rules of the medium, and introduces new readers to this incredible way of story-telling. We’re talking about artwork you want to sink into and savour… characters you can truly feel for, empathise with, root for, or despise… and a story that immerses you, and makes you want to soak up every last drop of the world we’ve created. Like we said… ambitious, right?

This has been a work in progress for over two years, and the real challenge has only just begun. We’ve produced a 32 page introduction as part of a two-piece prologue; it’s your gateway into the world of Aeronautica, and the characters struggling for power within it. We’ve enjoyed the ride so far, and simply want to continue doing what we’re doing, creating stories, artwork and characters that excite and inspire. So go on! Take a look around, you’ll find our latest news, blog posts, fact files about the world, and of course, the first part of the graphic novel. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we’ve enjoyed making it – and stay tuned for ways to get involved in the future, whether that’s supporting our crowdfund for part 2, or giving us feedback on the work we’ve already done.

Thank you!

Jonny and Mark.

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Mark lives in Manchester and balances his time between copywriting, reading gothic fantasy novels, eating Crazy Pedro’s pizza, crying over the latest Newcastle United result, and re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He’s basically stuck in the 1990s. He also believes Westeros would have been a much nicer place with Renly Baratheon in charge.


Jonny also lives in Manchester. He enjoys spending his time on creative projects such as digital art, this comic and 3D printing. His favorite food is Asian as he used to be a chef at Wagamama (for three weeks). Oh yeah and video games/films (the last samurai being the greatest thing to be put to screen). Westeros would have been a better place with Robert Baretheon in charge!